As a proud citizen of St. Catharines, and an involved member of the Merritton community, it is both my duty and my pleasure to run for City Council 2019-2023. My goals are simple to state, yet complex to resolve. I am prepared to take a stand and fight for the rights of all residents of Ward 1.

My goals include:

  1. Revitalization/Rebirth of Queenston Street
    - generate new business, support existing business, create new jobs

    This will be accomplished through:
      -  raising the profile of the historic importance of Ward 1 as the Eastern Economic Gateway of St. Catharines;
      -  creating economic incentives to attract new, and support existing, small and medium businesses;
      -  using the former General Hospital site and Wine Route as platforms for growth and business partnerships.

  2. Implement Residential Infrastructure Improvements
    - to support new development using Smart Growth principles

    This will be accomplished through:
      -  making necessary improvements to the Moffatt neighbourhood to ensure safe access (Disher Bridge) and providing for residential needs, such as curbs and sidewalks for secondary streets;

      -  supporting development at Glendale/Canal Road, Heritage Point and other sites giving proper consideration to building heights, traffic flow, curb appeal;
      -  working with the community, developers, and City on innovative mixed-use projects that ensure affordability, attract new residents, and meet evolving needs of residents of all ages and backgrounds.

  3. Fulfill the 2015 Parks & Recreation Plan for Merritton 
    - prioritize the needs of the community -
    families, children and seniors

    This will be accomplished through:
      -  determining the progress made in Merritton since the 2015 St. Catharines Recreational Master Plan was released;
      -  re-establish a community working group to implement their current priorities and future needs;
      -  working with the community, developers, and City on innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver on the priorities identified by the working group.

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