"Representing Merritton Ward would mean the world to me.

Aside from having grown up in St. Catharines and moved to Merritton in 1985, I have been a passionate volunteer and active contributing member of the community for years.

I have spoken with, and listened to, Merritton Community Members and their concerns for the past 8 years and I know that I have all the skills necessary to get the long outstanding issues of this community resolved.

As your new councilor, I promise to be a Champion for the community I love by providing the time, passion and expertise required to see the needs of our Ward fulfilled."

WHAT I Bring to the position.

1.    I've been a Law Clerk for over 20 years with a focus on Municipal Law and related areas. I've developed a strong and positive relationship with City Staff and Council members, which is critical to getting our priorities resolved.

2.   I've been a community volunteer for more than 30 years for organizations like the Merritton Legion-Branch 138 (Membership Chair),  Merritton Lions, St. Catharines Outdoor Aquatic Task Force Committee, St. Catharines Museum Advisory Committee and the Dragon Boat/Canoe Club, which has provided me with an amazing network of like-minded community supporters eager to see Merritton advance.

3.     Most importantly, I'm a resident of Merritton and employed in this City, so I'm impacted by the very same issues and concerns as my neighbours and all residents of Ward One, each and every day.  


"A vote for Lesley is a vote for a civic minded person who genuinely cares about everyone
in her community (not just those in her ward) and will take the time to listen and
follow up until the issues are resolved."

Tisha Polocko  
Executive Director, St. Catharines Downtown Association  

"I have personally known Lesley for several years now, and  worked closely
with her in the planning of events for the 1812 Steering Committee for the City of St. Catharines.
She has constantly proven herself to be a dedicated, hard-working member of the committee,
while always exhibiting her vivacious and highly endearing personality. With her extensive
knowledge of municipal and corporate law, and exemplary research skills, I truly believe that
Lesley would be a tremendous asset to the future governance of this city. In addition, she would
bring her fresh, creative and innovative perspective to any of the challenges that the next
city council might face. Lesley's vision for St. Catharines during the next term of council is not
simply restricted to her own ward, but is one that will improve the quality of life in all the neighbourhoods of our city. This, together will her strong work ethic and impressive public record
of voluntarism, will ensure that St. Catharines will continue to be a desirable place for corporate investment, as well as a community where families will want to live, work and flourish."

Brian Narhi  
co-chair of St. Catharines Heritage Committee  

"During my time, as an administrator for the Port Dalhousie Business Association,
the organization (PDBA) benefited from Lesley's multifaceted abilities and energy.
With the Corporate Challenges (held in Lakeside Park) and the Annual Restaurant Walking Tours - Lesley was there representing us via her organizational skills and great sense of humour.
Lesley will be a most positive asset on St. Catharines Council."

Ruth Barclay  
former administrator for PDBA  

"I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with, and getting to know, Lesley over the past
12 years through a variety of business and community projects, and personal connections.
With her expertise in the legal, real estate and municipal fields, and knowledge of St. Catharines
and Niagara, I can count on Lesley to provide accurate information in a cost-effective manner, maintain confidentiality, and serve the business needs of Canadian and American clients interested
in learning more about the investment opportunities in Niagara. Lesley's work and focus on
social justice and tragic personal circumstances that got her involved in these issues. Through
our work together for several years on Binational Doors Open Niagara, Lesley demonstrated
her leadership and passion for heritage preservation and sharing the stories of the wonderful neighbourhoods throughout St. Catharines with volunteers and thousands of visitors to sites
in Merritton and Port Dalhousie. Lesley Seaborne is a consummate professional, a true champion
for her community, and will work tirelessly to accomplish the goals and objectives of her
constituents in a balanced, ethical and focused manner, with a constant eye to making the best use
of tax-payer dollars, while planning for future needs and growth."

Arlene White